Sona FM 89.6 Community Radio is an initiative of the Valliappa Foundation in collaboration with People’s Power Collective (PPC).

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Sona FM 89.6 an initiative by the Valliappa Foundation & People's Power Collective
Why us?
Sona FM 89.6 Community Radio is set up to be a channel “of the people, for the people, by the people” in the Salem district that explores local culture, music, sports, language, personalities, news, and social issues – the fulfillment of a decade-long journey of the Valliappa Foundation Trustees.

Building and Empowering Community

  • We build community and promote diversity, inclusivity, and non-discrimination in every form.
  • Our radio platform is open to any citizen of Salem District to voice their thoughts, views, and ideas.
  • We aim to inform, motivate, entertain, and connect the community.
Sona FM 89.6 Radio Station
Valliappa Foundation
Valliappa Foundation
We work with underserved communities to enhance their quality of life and well-being, through education, employment, and empowerment. (Link to a static page on VF)
People's Power Collective
People’s Power Collective
PPCs vision is to help rural, isolated, and/or economically disadvantaged communities set up and run their community radio stations. (Link to a static page on PPC)
Sona FM 89.6 Team
Sona FM 89.6 Team
The Sona FM Team comprises a group of enthusiastic and committed people representing the diversity of the community, who seek to promote local talent, profile local people, and highlight local circumstances. (Link to a static page on the Sona FM team)
Past Events
To initiate change, empower the community, and entertain and educate the masses, Sona FM hosts various events. Here’s a sneak peek into our past events.

Sona FM 89.6 from the Valliappa Foundation is a non-profit, community radio initiative that represents “Namma Makkalin Kural’ – our peoples’ voice – to bring to you an authentic, ethnic experience of the local art, attributes, spirituality, and culture of the Salem district.

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4/14, Reddipatty Road, Mamangam, Salem - 636302
(+91) 999 433 2896
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